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When the strength in the foot muscles are weakened due to lack of use, we are left with a compromised base on which to support the body weight when standing, walking, running or performing any other lower-extremities weight-bearing activates.

This causes issues further up in the ankle joints, calf muscles, knee and hip joints as well as the spine. We therefore need to know how to strengthen & nurture our feet for pain-free living!

“This excellent course gave me a very good understanding of feet in general, while also helping me to address some of my foot problems with flexibility & mobility exercises which are so simple but yet so effective.” – Sandy Webster
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Whereas our feet are designed for a range of movement covering all sorts of terrain, most people don’t use their feet as they were designed to be used.

This has lead to the modern day human with underdeveloped feet, leading to many other alignment & postural issues, often resulting in injury & pain.

Among other topics, foot health addresses:

  • Common foot problems
  • Weight-bearing activities
  • Posture alignment
  • Awareness and ability of mid-foot balance in stabilising
  • Co-ordination of weight transferring and maintaining balance in motion
  • Kinesiology and biomechanics in weight-bearing of lower extremities
  • Proprioception and the vestibular system
  • Fine and gross motor skills in the lower extremities
  • Myofascial release and the understanding of fascial connections from the base up
  • Movement patterning involving the lower extremities
  • Foot and ankle strengthening, stabilising, mobilising and stretching
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The body can be assisted back into homeostasis with more focus placed on the feet & the balance from this weight-bearing base.


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