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Immerse yourself for 10-days of Yoga living in an Ashram along the banks of the Ganges River, in the foothills of the Himalaya

Land of Shiva, Shakti, Shanti

This is India, where the air is filled with smells of incense, spices and the promise of adventure.

Join yogis and yoga teacher trainers Fran Siebrits and Ryan Edmonds for an unforgettable experience as we journey to the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh.


This experience is an immersion into the tranquil Ashram life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our days here revolve around an itinerary of morning meditation and breath-work, yogic cleansing techniques, Hatha Yoga, breakfast, Karma Yoga, scenic walk, lunch, rest time, discussion, Ashtanga Yoga, sunset blessing, chanting, dinner, and a final meditation before bed. You will also experience a ritual blessing in the Sacred River Ganges, as well as a traditional Havan Fire Ceremony.

During our retreat, we will be going on an exciting excursion into Rishikesh itself, the birthplace of yoga. Prepare to be awe-struck by temples, saris, cows, vegan cafes, shopping extravaganza, bookshops, yoga jewellery, and a rich diversity of people like you have never seen.

Expect to leave with a feeling of lightness, inspired joy, and an enriched sense of freedom.


  • 10 days staying in a traditional Yoga Ashram
  • Full Ashram programme and tailored yoga workshops curated by Fran & Ryan
  • Rishikesh experience, shopping and sight seeing
  • Ceremonial cleanse in the sacred River Ganges
  • Traditional havan fire ceremony
  • Daily yoga classes, meditations, discussions, walks, reflection time
  • Delicious Indian vegetarian cuisine
  • Daily sunset puja (traditional Hindu blessing) and satsang chanting

DATE: 3-12 April 2023

3 April – Arrival at Jolly Grant Airport

3-12 April – Stay at Ashram for yoga-programme, including an excursion to Rishikesh

12 April – Departure from Ashram, back to airport (or to continue your travels)


  • Pick up from Jolly Grant Airport
  • All accommodation for duration of retreat
  • 3 vegetarian meals a day
  • 10-day yoga immersion, facilitated by Fran & Ryan
  • Full week-long ashram programme
  • Ritual purification in the Ganges River
  • Rishikesh excursion
  • All transfers from the day of your arrival at Jolly Grant Airport, with the exception of your return taxi to the airport on departure day


Temple Pooja – Each evening we gather at the heart of the Ashram for a sunset ritual followed by Kirtan (devotional chanting).

Ritual Bathing in Mother Ganga – Participants join together in a ritual on the banks of the Ganga near the ashram and spend personal time meditating on the banks of the river.

Bonfire Celebration – This is a joyous evening and creative time for sharing our diverse cultures in song, dance and much laughter.

Havan Fire Ceremony – Havan is the term for a sacred purifying ritual in Hinduism that involves a fire ceremony. We make a ritual sacrifice to the fire god, Agni, by offering seven kinds of wood into the sacred fire.


Our setting is in stunning gardens and surrounded by mountain – tranquil and quiet, away from the bustling noise of the city.

This is one of the best Yoga Ashrams just outside Rishikesh, situated in the North of India along the banks of the Ganges River in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

We welcome you to feel the ancient vibration for yourself, that so many people notice when they first set foot on this holy land. The ever-flowing song of Mother Ganga can be heard throughout your stay, always calling to invite you into her sacred waters.

  • Each room offers a comfortable bed (sharing or private options available) with bed linen and woolen blankets provided
  • All rooms have an attached private bathroom
  • Includes storage space for your belongings, power socket and ceiling fan
  • Wonderful views of either the Ganges River, the spacious garden or inner courtyard
  • Rooms have either a balcony or terrace
  • 3 delicious Indian vegetarian meals a day are included, prepared by in-house ashram chef
  • Meals are based on Ayurveda principles, and are good for gut health and longevity



05:30, Wake-up bell
06:00, Meditation
06:30, Chanting
06:45, Jala Neti
7:00, Pranayama
7:15, Hatha Yoga
9:00, Breakfast
10:00, Karma Yoga
10:30, Meditative Walk
12:30, Lunch & Tea
13:00, Rest & Free Time
15:00, Lecture & Discussion
16:00, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
17:30, Pranayama

[Sunset time] Temple Pooja (Ritual), Chanting & Bhajans

20:30, Dinner
21:00, Guided Meditation

Please note that this is an example of the daily programme, and it will be different on certain day (opening and closing days, excursion in Rishikesh, ritual bathing in the Ganges River).

See below for a detailed explanation of the elements of our retreat programme …


Mauna (Silence): Silence begins after the evening meditation and is maintained until after lunch the following day. All meals are taken in silence as this allows attendees to focus on their own inner journey.

Meditation: We offer a wide variety of techniques and styles to help attendees find one that suits their personal energy and lifestyle. We often also chant “Om” together until it dissolves and then sit quietly with the vibrations.

Guided nature walks: Guided walks are done in silence, allowing students to practice breath and body awareness, as well as becoming aware of the sounds, smells and feel of the surrounding nature. Our nature excursions include Ganga River walk, waterfall walk, ritual bathing in Mother Ganga, walk to Him River, garden tour

Hatha Yoga: The asana practices of Hatha Yoga are primarily done to prepare the body and mind for meditation. By focusing on the breath these movements become movement meditation. An important benefit of asana practice is the function of each pose to heal the body in different ways.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: It is an active practice, requiring continuous movement flowing with the rhythm of the breath. A modified, less vigorous approach is presented in the retreat.

Yogic Cleansing: Jala Neti (nasal cleansing with warm salt water) helps to relieve allergies, colds, and sinusitis. It removes pollutants thus maintaining good health of the ears, eyes and throat.

Pranayama (breathing exercises): These practices energise the body and balance the flow of prana (life force energy) throughout the body. This allows us to channel our energy in a more creative way, allowing for healing and inner peace.

Lecture and Discussion: Introduction to the basics of Yoga philosophy, yogic techniques and practices, group discussions, questions and answers.

Laughter Yoga: Laughter Yoga was created to relieve stress and pent up emotions. The aim of Laughter Yoga is to bring good health, joy and world peace.

Grounding Dance: This dance is performed after Laughter Yoga sessions. Usually people feel energized and joyful, but sometimes deep emotions or memories can surface. Dancing to the drum beats from Africa and India a person is able to stabilise and ground him/herself in the present moment.

Mantra chanting: Mantra means a sound, or a combination of sounds uttered in a specific way. There are different types of mantras. Every mantra activates a particular kind of energy in a different part of the body. While chanting Sanskrit mantras, the sound is more important than the meaning.


ZAR prices for those residing in Southern African or other developing nations
USD prices for those residing in developed nations with “first world” economies

  • Early bird – pay by 15 December 2022 (50% deposit secures your spot)
    Sharing room, private bathroom – ZAR 16 950 / USD 1550
    Private room, private bathroom – ZAR 21 950 / USD 1950
  • Late bird – pay by 15 February 2023 (50% deposit secures your spot)
    Sharing room, private bathroom – ZAR 20 340 / USD 1850
    Private room, private bathroom – ZAR 26 340 / USD 2250

50% deposit secures booking, with the balance by 15 February 2023
Bookings close 15 February 2023

– if cancelled by participant within 3-6 months of retreat start date, you will receive a 50% refund on funds already paid*
– if cancelled by participant within 1-3 month of retreat start date, you will receive a 25% refund on funds already paid*
– if cancelled by participant within 30 days of retreat start date, you will receive a 0% refund on funds already paid*
– if the retreat is cancelled by the organisers, you will receive a full refund*
*5% admin fee will be withheld on all refunds



Please email fran@tuningin.co.za with any questions