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Immerse yourself in a 9-day Pilgrimage to the
Roof of the World: the Himalaya of Nepal

Join Fran Siebrits on foot in Nepal to experience the breath-taking landscape & friendly culture of the local people.

Enjoy guided nature hikes, temple excursions, yoga classes and meditation practice.

Experience an ancient mountain pilgrimage route still used today.


  • 9 days immersing in the landscape and culture of Nepal
  • 5 days staying in traditional Hindu and Gurung mountain village home-stays
  • 4 days staying in a local Nepali guesthouse in Pokhara
  • Experience an ancient pilgrimage route still used today, and explore nature symbols from Vedic times
  • Day-hikes (with small day-pack) to Sarangkot, Buddhist World Peace Pagoda, and Panchase sacred mountain summit (highest altitude of pilgrimage at 2500m) – 3 separate day-hikes in total
  • Location-move hikes (with big backpack and belongings) to the mountain villages and return to Pokhara – 3 separate location-move hikes in total
  • Paddle on Phewa Lake for beautiful mountain views
  • Daily yoga (outdoors when possible)
  • Pokhara experience, shopping and sight seeing
  • Daily views of the Annapurna range of the Himalaya Mountains (weather permitting)
  • Daily yoga classes, meditations, discussions, walks, reflection time
  • Delicious traditional vegetarian cuisine


Day 1 – Arrival at Pokhara (airport or bus station)
(optional evening yoga depending on your arrival time; plus 0pening dinner)

Day 1-3 – Stay at guesthouse in Pokhara with daily yoga
Day 2 – Day-hike to Sarangkot

Day 3-4 – Hike to stay at traditional Hindu family farm in small mountain community
Day 4 – Nature yoga & meditation programme with Fran

Day 4-7 – Hike to stay at traditional Gurung community higher in the mountains
Day 5 – Day-hike to summit sacred mountain, an ancient pilgrimage route still used today (highest point of pilgrimage at 2500m)
Day 6 – Integration process and yoga programme with Fran

Day 7-9 – Hike back down, stay at guesthouse in Pokhara with daily yoga
Day 8 – Paddle across Lake Phewa and day-hike to Buddhist World Peace Pagoda; plus closing dinner

Day 9 – Departure from guesthouse back to airport/bus station, or to continue your travels
(optional morning yoga and brunch, depending on your departure arrangement)


All breakfasts and dinners are included (as well as 1 x lunch).
– on the days where lunch is not included, we will be taking a break at a local restaurant on route for you to sample something from their menu
– there will also be opportunities to purchase snacks on some days

All meals are vegetarian, freshly made, and sourced from locally available ingredients.
– in Pokhara there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, at your own expense, if you wish for something different

No alcohol or meat is available at any of the eateries or homes we will be visiting.
– in Pokhara there are a wide variety of establishments to choose from at your own expense

When in Pokhara:
We will be eating at a locally-run health eatery with a Western bohemian flair, which also serves vegan meals – there is a wide variety to choose from and many fresh dishes like salads, smoothie-bowls, coffee and juice bar, wholesome burgers, etc.

When in the mountains at the family home-stays:
We will be cooked for by our hostess/es, as is tradition. Please note this is not a restaurant with a wide variety of ingredients, and we gratefully receive what is provided. Meals here are made from produce from the small-scale family land, and prepared for our group and family members alike… we eat what they eat.

As you will see, the local mountain communities have lived with Nature, from the land, eating what they can grow for many generations (and they are some of the healthiest and happiest people living today).

Where possible we will try accommodate special dietary requirements, so please let us know ahead of time for us to prepare.


  • Will it be cold at night and what are the sleeping arrangements?
    It will be chilly at night in the mountains, as it is going from autumn into winter (but not quite mid-winter yet). Accommodation is in private room where possible (but sometimes there may be sharing with one other person). Although basic bedding and a blanket is provided, if you know you get cold easily then it is advisable to take a sleeping bag for extra comfort and warmth.
  • What distance do we walk per day?
    We don’t hike every day. But on the days that we do, the distances are not far. In Nepal, it is more a matter of time rather than distance, as the hiking profile can be very misleading if looking at kilometers. There are 3 days of between 3-5 hours walk with your backpack, carrying everything you need to the next destination where we overnight. While we will take it at a gradual pace, it is important that you are hiking fit and should put some backpack training in before the pilgrimage. The other excursions will be day-hikes, so bring a smaller daypack for a warm top, your water, and snacks.
  • Do we carry our own backpacks with all our gear?
    For 3 of the days, yes – these are the days we move on to the next place. For the other 3 day-hikes, you only need a small day-pack for your snacks, water and a warm top.
  • What are the fitness requirements?
    The motto of the pilgrimage is going to be based on the local saying bistari bistari, meaning slowly slowly. While you will be required to carry your own backpack on 3 particular hikes going to another farm/village in the mountains, the distances are not far and our pace will not be fast… we would hate for us to miss out on “smelling the roses” along the way! The idea is that we immerse ourselves in the journey. Apart from these 3 hikes where we will be moving on to another place for the night, the other 3 day-hikes will be with daypacks at a pace that, again, allows us to take it all in. This being said, we will be in the foothills of the Himalaya, and Nepal is notorious for ups and downs (there is very little flat terrain). Please have a decent mountain hiking fitness (with lots of ups and downs), and be familiar with hiking with a backpack too.
  • Is there an age restriction (am I too old)?
    There is no age limit for this pilgrimage… if your heart says yes, then we will make it happen. In all honesty, you may be in even better health than some other youngsters. Please don’t let this be an obstacle.
  • What is the altitude we will experience?
    While in the mountains, most nights are around 1500m.
    The highest we overnight will be at 2000m (the highest we will hike is 2500m, on one particular day summit).