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❤️Level 1:  4-Week Cacao Course

❤️Level 1 & 2:  9-Week Facilitator Training

❤️Starting with a New Moon Cacao Ceremony (online)



Level 1 Practitioner Training: 

  • An Introduction to Cacao as a Heart Medicine
  • This course is for your personal use, to develop a deeper connection
  • Starting with a New Moon Online Cacao Ceremony

The 4 week training is open to anyone wanting to learn more about cacao, as well as the health & healing benefits

    • Learn about the history & cultural context of the cacao plant
    • Explore the physical properties of this superfood, raw cacao
    • Work with the energetic & healing properties of ceremonial cacao
    • Understand how to work with cacao as a medicine on the physical & metaphysical levels
    • Start working with the power of ritual & intention
    • Learn practical ways to set up your space & prepare ceremonial cacao
    • Practice using cacao for your home ceremony




Level 1 & 2 | Facilitator Training:

  • Holding Space for Cacao Ceremonies, Gatherings & Groups
  • Learn how to use cacao for personal ceremony AND for facilitating groups
  • Starting with a New Moon Online Cacao Ceremony

Open to anyone, especially if you want to develop or fine-tune facilitation & space-holding skills

    • 4 week Level 1 Training +  an additional 5 weeks where we get more practical with facilitation training
    • Learn the history & cultural context of the cacao plant, as well as the physical, energetic & healing properties
    • Develop your intuitive connection with cacao as a medicine for yourself & for others
    • Learn about ceremony & how to create & hold space – acquire a diversity of shamanic, mystic & practical tools

[Additional 3-week Level 3 Apprenticeship available]


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