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Immerse yourself in a beautiful day of Healing

Cacao is a heart medicine, and has been traditionally used to facilitate healing & transformation for centuries.

Join experienced facilitator and Cacao shaman Fran Siebrits for an unforgettable experience as we journey through the physical and metaphysical realms with Cacao, food of the gods.

You are invited to come & open your heart!


Here is a rough structure of our day together:
🔹10:00-13:00 | Session 1 & Session 2 (Session 1 starting with an optional Cacao Ritual Drink)
🔹13:00-13:30 Short lunch break (in Sacred Silence)
🔹13:30-16:30 Session 3 & Session 4 (Session 4 starting with an optional Cacao Ritual Drink)


Fran Siebrits has been facilitating retreats and holding space for healing transformation for many years.

She has a unique background and journey with Mama Cacao, this heart medicine. Fran has found much healing and holding through working with Cacao in Sacred Ceremony.

Over the retreat she will be holding space for you to relax, to breathe, to process, to laugh, to cry, and to be acknowledged for the unique and wonderful human being which you are!

Everyone is welcome into this online space which Fran will lovingly create for you.

How to prepare:

🔹Take some time to prepare beforehand and set up your space
🔹Make your nest / sacred place where you won’t be disturbed
🔹Candles, incense, smokes, crystals, flowers… go all out!
🔹Prepare your most luxurious & delicious Cacao Ritual Drink for our opening (keep it warm)
🔹We will be doing some very gentle yoga, so a mat and space to move
🔹Blanket / shawl / cushion / eye cushion for yoga nidra
🔹Phones on flight mode for the entire day (even over lunch time to remain silence)
🔹Piece of paper & colour pens/crayons

COME AS YOU ARE to be super relaxed (in your PJs is fine too)


Booking is essential:

  • Full price R1555
  • Financial assistance R1222

Please purchase your retreat space via this link: www.tuningin.co.za/shop/online-retreat

A link will be provided upon confirmation of booking and payment, along with a Cacao Preparation Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not currently residing on African soil, an additional surcharge applies. Please contact Fran for assistance: fran@tuningin.co.za