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Research in such disciplines as psychology, neuroscience and medicine provide a wealth of evidence that mindfulness improves attention, cognition, emotions, behavior and physiology.

Specifically, mindfulness has been shown to improve three qualities of attention: stability, control and efficiency. Research has revealed that the human mind is estimated to wander roughly half of our waking hours, but mindfulness can stabilise attention in the present. Individuals who completed mindfulness training showed results to remain vigilant longer on both visual and listening tasks.

Although mindfulness is an individual quality, initial evidence suggests that it affects interpersonal behavior and work-group relationships. Mindfulness therefore improves relationships through greater empathy and compassion, suggesting mindfulness training could enhance workplace processes that rely on effective leadership and teamwork.

This valuable management tool can lift an entire workplace. A new comprehensive analysis of mindfulness research stated in Science Daily suggests that injecting a corporate culture of mindfulness not only improves focus, but the ability to manage stress and how employees work together.

Mindfulness courses and training can be arranged and customised to suit your individual needs, small group, or corporate environment. Online programmes are available.


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