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DID YOU KNOW that every time you breathe your core, heart and brain respond in some way?

Conscious breathing is an umbrella term for medical & therapeutic methods that improve the breathing function.

These methods involve directing awareness to breathing & developing habits that improve respiration, cardiovascular functioning, neuro-muscular control, mental state, hormones & digestion.

Because many people don’t have a healthy relationship to their breathing or don’t breath properly, a simple method of learning how to breathe correctly will have an immediate & profound effect. Thereafter, conscious breathing techniques will have sustainable & long term benefits.

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Your breath is fundamental to your physical & mental health!

Some of the functions of breathing:

  • Respiration: gaseous exchange
  • Affects the nervous system: stimulating either sympathetic (fight & flight) or parasympathetic (rest & digest)
  • Aids in controlling the release of hormones: fight-flight mode (stress hormones like cortisol) & for calming/feeling good (endorphins)
  • Affects the heart rate & blood pressure
  • Aids in digestion, gut health & immunity
  • Organises the core
  • Affects mental clarity, relaxation, moods & stress levels
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Breathwork & Meditation Course: De-stress, Feel Calm & More Alive

– Educational & practical
– Understand the mechanics of breathing
– Use your breath appropriately to exercise your diaphragm muscle to stabilise your core
– Perform conscious breathwork
– Create inner ease with this key wellness component
– Learn how to calm your nervous system using breathwork
– Breathing for de-stressing & relaxation
– Learn how to activate mental clarity with specific techniques
– Learn how to self-diagnose your mental state using your breath

The body can be assisted back into homeostasis with regular conscious breathing, leaving you feeling better for longer.


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