Level 2 Training, 50hrs
For Movement Professionals

Deepen your understanding of the human body’s application to movement health

This course is designed for anyone wanting to further their understanding of the body and its relationship to posture, alignment, movement, conditioning and overall physical health.



This Level 2 Training is a 50 hour course, structured with a combination of online coursework, self-study, case study and a research assignment.

  • Deepen your understanding of human anatomy.
  • Dive into the Musculoskeletal System, joints, muscles and related movements.
  • Understand how to apply certain guidance to the many different body types as a movement facilitator / teacher / trainer.
  • Learn about the Facia System and its importance in movement health.
  • Examine different bodies to advise accurate guidance for applied anatomy.
  • Confidently guide different body types through an array of movements.
  • Corrective posture and alignment and how to observe postural assessment.
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This course, designed by movement professional Fran Siebrits, is based on methodology which is characterised by sensory awareness from the information that passes through the body in movement.

One of the fundamental riches of the courses is its transdisciplinary nature: courses are open to all levels of practitioners, of any discipline that includes the movement of the body as its main characteristics, creating a vivid and rich professional exchange.

This course focuses on developing the best pedagogy and the most effective language to integrate the unique qualities of movement practice with the knowledge of anatomy. The methodology is growing with the latest research, allowing the contents of our academy’s courses to evolve and remain always fresh, original and effective.

  • Access the course from anywhere in the world
  • Work at your own pace
  • Receive lifetime access to this for only R3950
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