Level 1 Training, 20hrs
For Movement Enthusiasts

Connect to the human body on a deeper level by understanding your make-up

This course is designed for anyone wanting to understand the workings of the body, muscles, joints, posture, alignment, movement, conditioning and overall physical health.



This Level 1 Training is a 20 hour course, structured with a combination of online coursework, self-study and a research assignment.

  • Deepen your understanding of human anatomy
  • Dive into the Musculoskeletal System, leaning about hard tissue of bones and joints, and the soft tissue of muscles
  • Learn anatomical language
  • Understand the importance of posture and alignment
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Anatomy describes the structure and location of the different components of an organism to provide a framework for understanding.

Human anatomy studies the way that every part of a human, from molecules to bones, interacts to form a functional whole. A thorough understanding of anatomy is key to any movement profession, the practice of medicine and other areas of health.

This course, designed by movement professional Fran Siebrits, focuses on developing the best pedagogy and the most effective language to integrate the unique qualities of movement practice with the knowledge of anatomy. The methodology is growing with the latest research, allowing the contents of our academy’s courses to evolve and remain always fresh, original and effective.

  • Access the course from anywhere in the world
  • Work at your own pace
  • Access tutorials, manuals and practical exercises via our Online Academy
  • Gain 9 months access to this course for only R1950
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