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Fran Siebrits | Founder & Owner


After being part of a long list of studios and wellness institutions around the world, Fran Siebrits founded Tuning In and Little Studio. Built on the foundation of an authentic purpose, she teaches, guides, facilitates and supports clients throughout various well-being practices.

Embracing lifelong learning to develop her methodology and nurturing a connection to nature, a truly unique approach to body & mind techniques has been created. Fran believes that everyone is unique in their journey. Gaining real fulfillment from helping others, she is committed to growing this community of connected individuals.

In her spare time, Fran explores mountain trails, the sea and good food spots around the country.

Through movement, we find healing. Through stillness, we find ourselves.” – Fran Siebrits

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Wellness Health Online Meditation Mindfulness Pilates Yoga
Wellness Health Online Meditation Mindfulness Pilates Yoga

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Our aim is to better understand our human ways, which is why we have trained in different body and mind techniques.

Simply put, we love to move, but also to be still. We find purpose and fulfillment assisting others in finding movement and stillness that works for their unique body-mind to bring health and healing. We believe each person is unique in their journeying and process, and what applies to one may not be relevant to another.


  • Advanced Pilates Instructor: Full Equipment & Mat Training (BASI; CME)
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher: 500 hr Training (Yoga Vidya Gurukul Ashram, India)
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher
  • Budokon Certificate, Mixed Martial Arts & Yoga (Budokon University)
  • Aerology Certificate (Aerial Fitness & Mind Conditioning)
  • NIA Dancing White Belt Certificate
  • Training Principles & Programme Design for Endurance Running Certificate (Sports Science Institute of South Africa)
  • Mindful Movement Coach
  • Trail Running Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Thai Chi Training

Mind | Breath | Nutrition | Sleep

  • Mindfulness Training (Mindfulness Africa)
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Breath-Work Trainer
  • Professional Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition (Shaw Academy)
  • Cacao Ceremony Facilitator
  • Lucid Dreaming and the Mindfulness of Sleep Training and Practitioner

Body Therapy

  • Myofascial Release Trainer
  • MYYO Technique Therapist (MYYO Association)
  • DORN Method & Breuss Massage (spinal column and joint alignment)
  • Thai Yoga Massage (Shen Mantra International School)
  • Massage Therapist


Fran has a way of helping you be more patient with yourself. To look within and grow yourself to your true potential without rushing. She is also supremely practical with her tips and advice, making “tuning in” to yourself easier.

Dr Hannah Baleta, Water Consultant, Senior Researcher

Fran and the team have built a REAL offering run by REAL people in a time when we could all do with a bit of extra wellness!

Raynard van Tonder, Medium Enterprise Business Manager

I was very nervous starting but when I met Fran I was so relaxed. She is gentle and kind, always there to help… It’s something to look forward to every week.

Elizabeth Maarman, Human Resources

Fran’s holistic approach to wellness combined with her personal connection with clients, passion and creative spirit make a particular kind of magic. I love the way she helps me think about wellness in a light and practical way, and her positive, kind and fun approach.

Natalie Koenig, Masters Student

Fran’s experience and knowledge shine through and I love that she  can adapt her methods to suit clients’ abilities but at the same time pushing you to develop and grow.

Shari Thompson, Photographer

Fran has a deep understanding of the human body.

Jenny Howland, Private Sector