There is no need for the sunset to glow pink, for the wet beach sand to reflect heaven.

There is no need for the clouds to light up, burning with the song of the days end.

There is no need for a bubbling brook to sound quite so cheery, for the unconditional gargle to sooth souls.

There is no need for

… nature to be quite so abundant,

… a smile to light up a moment,

…kindness to feel so good.

But it does; it all does!

For what?
For who?

What exactly is the sun’s purpose in setting with such intense beauty?

What is the river’s reason for singing its flow?

Yet, what is life if it can’t be abundant, joyful, tender?

Perhaps it is just for you, just in that moment, to notice, appreciate and enjoy.

And perhaps it is then to inspire you, to step up into your own beauty, your unconditional love, your kindness and your abundance.

Perhaps this is what it means to encounter the sacred mysteries of life.

May you be inspired by it all.

May you in turn, inspire others along your way…