Whether you sit too much or are incredibly active, your spinal support comes from your core and it needs to be strong in order to assist you in your day-to-day life.

This workshop series will lead you to understand, locate, activate and strengthen your core muscles. If you would like to purchase the recordings, they will be available after the workshops here.

👉Explore what constitutes your “core”
👉Understand the 4 different muscle abdominal muscle sets and their function
👉Learn how to find, activate and strengthen your core

An essential workshop for those who struggle with back pain, neck and shoulder tension, poor posture and related issues/injuries, as well as those who are not structurally sound or who are just interested. *

July 4th & 11th (Saturdays) | 10h30-12h00
Can’t make the live workshop? No problem – opt for the recording (available for a 24 hour period after each workshop).

Price for a single workshop is R300, book for both for R450 (save R150)

👉Workshop 1 – understand (theory) and practical (strengthen)
👉Workshop 2 – building on from theory and deeper practical

Bookings: fran@tuningin.co.za