Join Fran Siebrits for this unique opportunity to be part of a traditional yoga practice celebrating International Yoga Day. This event takes places at seven different venues over four days – join for one closest near you (Cape Town, Pinelands, Claremont, Belville, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand).

We will be doing a 108 rounds of sun salutations… in one go. This physically demanding practice is open to anyone who would like to flow through 108 repetitions of surya namaskar to their own body-breath rhythm.


Oshin Studio, STRAND
20 June, Wednesday, 18h00 (90 minutes)
Bookings: fran@tuningin.co.za / oshinsouthafrica@gmail.com

Life Retreat Studio, SOMERSET WEST
21 June, Thursday, 06h30 (75 minutes)
Bookings: studio@liferetreat.co.za 087 195 0629 / 087 802 1922

21 June, Thursday, 10h30 (90 minutes)
Bookings: contact@yoyoga.co.za (021) 671 0888

21 June, Thursday, 15h30 (90 minutes)
Bookings: contact@yoyoga.co.za (021) 286 2906

Yoga Zone, CAPE TOWN
21 June, Thursday, 18h00 (75 minutes)
Bookings: studio@yogazone.co.za (021) 421 8126

The Vineyard Studio, STELLENBOSCH
22 June, Friday, 17h00 (90 minutes)
Bookings: fran@tuningin.co.za 076 535 6198

23 June, Saturday, 10h00 (75 minutes)
Bookings: info@yamayoga.co.za 076 177 8860

WHY 108?

The number 108 has many important and symbolic meanings in diverse disciplines including mathematics, religions, spiritual traditions, martial arts and yoga. Find out more on Fran’s blog (she does this as her daily practice and has some interesting insight into repetitive 108s): https://www.tuningin.co.za/2018/05/16/completed-216-days-x-108-yoga-sun-salutations/

For those who are just up for a physical asana challenge, this will definitely tick the box. For those wanting a deeper meaning, practicing 108 rounds of surya namaskar turns up the heat (physically and energetically) – it becomes an effort-full act of surrender towards a higher power, one that is already within us. Worried if you’ll get through it? There is no pressure for this sun salutation marathon, and no winners either – so take breaks when needed, and aim for slower more controlled movement with good breathing (less is more).

Remember that as with any yoga practice, it is the sentiment and intention behind the action that infuses the practice with purpose, motivation, discipline and sustainability. In this way you can transform the seemingly mundane sun salutation in the extra-ordinary auspiciousness which it has the potential to be.

INVESTMENT: R108 (that’s not a typo, 108 is the theme), PAYMENT SECURES YOUR SPOT!


  • Have a light snack 1-2 hours prior to the practice (unless your body is used to moving in this way, please don’t come on an empty nor a full stomach – somewhere in between as you want some energy but also don’t want your food to visit your mat).
  • Small sips of water in between the practice are okay but be mindful not to drink too much in one go during the asana.
  • The 108 surya namaskar repetitions will be followed by savasana and a guided yoga nidra – this is an important part of integrating the practice. Bring something warm (a top, socks and blanket) as the body temperature will cool down pretty quickly during this relaxation.

ABOUT FRAN’S (Sundari Lalita Devi) YOGA
When this trail-yogi is not in the mountains, Fran can be found on the mat. She has been practicing yoga since her early 20s. Her instructor beginnings found their roots at Ananda Sanga Educational Institute (ASEI) in Somerset West, where she completed her internationally recognised 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification. She further qualified in Pre- and Post-Natal (Pregnancy) Yoga as well as the healing MYYO Technique through ASEI.

Naturally, this lead to travels and training in India. On separate occasions she trained further in the deeper aspects of the bodymind from inspiring teachers at Palpung Sherabling Monastery (Palampur, Himachal Pradesh) and Yoga Vidya Gurukul Ashram (Nashik, Maharashtra) where she completed her 500Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

She has also trained and certified in Budokon Yoga, a strong and powerful practice combining Mixed Martial Arts and yoga movement forms, and Aerology, aerial movement and mindfulness.

She has had the privilege to facilitate and lecture on a number of teacher trainings and courses. However, it is the ‘forever the student’ attitude that motivates her to continue exploring this life long journey of yoga. Fran’s intention is to promote the use of yoga to assist balance and healing. Her practice, training and teaching style is spiritually based with its roots in Integral and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.

With the diverse tool-kit she has acquired over the years, she shapes her teaching to best reach her students. Fran believes that anyone who can breathe can practice yoga: it is for everyone!