Lippia javanica (fever tea)
Medicinal Plant from the Healing Plant Collective

Photograph by David Gwynne-Evans
Not only is this plant of medicinal advantage, it is a great addition to any herb garden. Rich in volatile oils, the leaves produce a pleasing aroma. Lippia javanica is also an aesthetic delight with its creamy white flowers in dense rounded heads. Infusions are used to treat colds, coughs, bronchial problems and headaches. 
The leaves and twigs (and sometimes even the roots) of L. javinica are used. Hot leaf infusions are made with water and sometimes with milk. A weaker infusion is taken for general health purposes while a stronger infusion is used topically for scabies, lice, rashes, scratches, stings and bites. 
Mixed together with Artemesia afra, it is taken to combat fever in the case of malaria, influenza and measles.
Lippia belongs to the family with many scented-leaf genera, Verbenaceae. It was named after Augustin Lippi (1679-1701) ans also occurs in Java, hence this species name javinica. With the exception of the Western Cape, L. javanica is widespread throughout South Africa up into tropical Africa. 
This widely used medicinal herb is easy to grow from cuttings or seeds. It is great in a pot-pourri mix and makes a good cupboard freshener. 
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