The elements have been trying to tell me something this past
week. Actually it’s more like they’ve been shouting at the top of their voices
from the highest peak for all to hear! I have been listening. And this is what
I have heard…

There was an electric storm on Monday evening. I happened to
be running on the slopes of an evening-scented mountain and saw the most energised show of light and form in
the sky that Cape Town has ever experienced. The sunset lasted over an hour!
The lightening stretched in a broad smile across the expanse of the
burnt-orange sky. The thunder gods sang in deep baritone harmonies as the
clouds began to cry for joy. The pitter-patter of their tears stripped another
layer of inhibition from around my heart, opening up to the tenderness of the
moment. As I dipped into sacred spring waters beneath fern feathers, my body
succumbed and melted, flowing with the life of the stream.
Tuesday brought a dragon fly to my laptop.
On Wednesday there was a rising of heart in the opening of
the sun. Soft morning pinks, still in silent politeness, reflected a sunburnt
glow from rock faces. The fine hairs of the silver trees turned golden when silhouetted
into the morning magic. And there was a love song. Soothing. Stretching.
Then yesterday I was visited by a surprised breeze. It
brought with it a gust-full gift of tiny leaves, pretending to be dainty
drizzle as they fell as lightly as their excitement would allow them all around
me in an otherwise overly calm day.   
Today I watched a growing heart in the clouds.
The beauty herein is that I cannot, and do not wish to,
explain the expression of life I have observed and felt this week. It has a lingering
taste of the energy from two weeks ago. And as I try to connect with another soul across a sky as vast as a universal desert, the elements talk. No,
they shout.

What do you hear?

 Dedicated to the forces beyond our control and understanding, and to that soul who inspired