Above: Cyphostemma Currorii in the Spitzkoppe mountains
Rainbow waves at Hentiesbaai
Above: The seal colony at Cape Cross
Below: Good ‘ol cider (in a beer glass) after a hot day in Swakopmund
Below: Kokerbome or quiver trees (Aloe dichotoma) are scattered along rocky plains in southern Namibia
Hello you sexy Euphorbia virosa
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Below: Oh happy days … with an off-the-road drive comes a spot for the night at the edge of a canyon!
Cheers to Nuy!
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We limited ourselves to the bubbly ONLY – didn’t want to step off off into thin air that night
Yet another coffee (and Frangelico) stop on the road
Moringa ovalifolia – we love you!
Another spot to set up camp for the night – just somewhere random off the beaten track.
Below: Rash demonstrating her new found talent … the pantsula dance
Above: That’s how we roll, under the stars …
In a canyon near Sosusvlei
Above: The sea view and our backpacker camping grass in Luderitz
Below: Sossusvlei fun
Sundowners on Dune 45 – G&Ts, we have standards!
Above from left to right: Rash; Chickety-China-the-Chinese-Chicken; Fran
Below: This is why it took us three days to travel what normally takes 6 hours … 
Above: The ghost town of Kolmanskop
Below: Pantsula everywhere! 
We didn’t really do it, but after almost a month of travelling together, cabin-fever sets in and these things become really funny – you had to be there!
Border crossing at Sendlingsdrift
First night back in SA, Port Nolloth had it all – sunset, red wine and pizza! What more could one ask for? 
Taking the road less (more like harldy ever) travelled – it did take us three days to get back to Cape Town
The Big Five (bakkie’s name) hit 300 000 somewhere on the N7 between Garies and Vanrynsdorp, in the dark, in hte cold. Of course we stopped and had a drink!
Doing whatever we liked, whenever we liked!
Above: Hiking and posing on the Omaruru Mountain
Below: An average day in Damaraland
Granietkop area, Damaraland
Above: This is what happens when you decide to go wine tasting in the middle of Namibia … you end up Mampoer tasting instead
Below: And yes, yes, had to do the tourist thing … hello Etosha and all its ellies
Good ol’ Nuy, good ol’ sunset, good ol’ bush, good ol’ times
Above: Sesamothamnus guerichii
Below: Jay and Rash
A night in the Palmwag concession
Above: Washing day
Below: Bubbles on the deck at the Palmwag Lodge
Above: Pachypodium lealii
Below: The animals are the other way, Rash
Above: Giraffe and the purple-stemmed Commiphora multijuga
Below: A Sterculia juts out from a cliff  
Another delicious camping spot with no signs of civilisation and the wide open spaces to explore
Above: Baobabs and asses
Below: Almost there … Angola was a spontaneous last minute decision that morning
ABove: Angola woooooooooooo
Below: The most northern Wimpy in Namibia
Above: Pale chanting goshawk
Below: Tea stop with zebras and Chickety-China-the-Chinese-Chicken