Below is a summary of what makes me unique and able to produce unique work. Sit back and enjoy the adventure …

I have indulged in three ice creams a day in Italy, drunk litres of freshly squeezed juices from street vendors in Peru, feasted on king prawns in Mozambique, sipped on the finest whiskeys in Scotland and nursed pints of cider on those rare sunny days in English beer-gardens.

I have lived with the Himba people in Namibia. I have made my home under the stars, alongside river banks, in a tent, in backpacker hostels, in my bakkie and on the beach. I have slept in a salt house on the largest salt pan in the world. I have experienced days peaking into the 50 degree celcuis bracket and nights dropping to almost negative 20, while trying to survive in a tent.

I have skinny dipped in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Lake Kariba, Lake Titicaca, in a loch, in the highest and coldest lake in Wales, in many a mountain stream and many a farmer’s dam (without permission).

I have touched the birthplace of the sun, according to the Inca Culture. I have seen burning stars, active volcanoes, canyons, geysers, tropical islands, giant jellyfish, tiny naudibranchs and wilderness areas flourishing with wildlife. I have trekked in the South American Andes up to 5000 meters above sea level, dived in the Red Sea, cycled the Sierre de Grazalema in Spain, watched the sunrise from Mount Sinai millennia after biblical Moses recorded the Ten Commandments.

Modes of transport I have explored have included my feet, bicycle, a horse, donkey, camel, sheep, motorbike, four-wheeler, helicopter, cattle truck, 4X4, airplane, bush-plane, boat, ferry, tram, underground and train. For a short, unforgettable moment, my body – and then a parachute, transported me back down to earth … I flew with the eagles.

My lungs have been deprived of air in Egypt’s tunnelled pyramids and in the high altitudes of the snow-peaked Peruvian Andes. I have explored icy caves extending from castles in Wales, played chess in a field of fluffy llamas in Bolivia, paddled by the moonlight and braaied in the middle of the Orange River. I have practised yoga surrounded by mother nature’s friendly wind and have heard trance-like chanting cut the desert silence on breathless nights. I have carried another off a mountain, and have been carried by my instincts. I have read poetry by candlelight and picked lavender posies by the waxing moonlight. I have painted and sold, and I now keep a buddah to hold.

I have watched burning sunsets and energising sunrises in desert plains and over city high-rises, from mountain tops as well as from flat encircling oceans. I have gazed in awe at the moon from behind the steering wheel, from inside my sleeping bag and from deserted beaches. I have been honoured with two white rainbow sightings in my life. I believe I have witnessed Utopia in the star-filled skies.

I have cut open baby seals, marked hyena latrines, been chased by desert lions, tracked black rhino, run alongside giraffe and documented plant species to further my Nature Conservation studies. I live in constant awe of mother nature’s artwork and have been humbled by her merciless power many times. I have taken injured limbs to a physiotherapist more than I like to admit because I do not know when to stop ‘overdoing it’. This physical condition is an outward expression of who I am, choosing to live life at full throttle.

I have been through seven consecutive months without washing my hair. I have held seven baby skaapsteker snakes in my mouth at once. I have lived in areas where the seven day week is of no importance.

I have worked in the film, education, hospitality and tourism industries.

I have been taking photographs since before I had my first kiss. I have been passionately writing and travelling for many years. I have gained experience and knowledge; more will be acquired as I carry on the adventure which is my life. I write expressively. I capture moments photographically. I live life!