Sheeips and Han came along for the sweat! The high altitude made me feel like I was going to get sick about half-way back up. The burning sun, and no trees for shade, was not helping the matter. Luckily, nature was looking out for me as the afternoon clouded over and I slowly made my way out of the barren canyon.

Above: At the bottom, the river is the only life in the canyon.
Below: Donkeys carry goods as well as lazy or altitude-affected paying tourists.

Above: A local Peruvian woman rests on her way to another village. Her donkey carries the load through the canyon.

Below: Festivities in the village that night, fireworks and all!

July ’09


Peru’s second deepest canyon, Canon del Coca. Two hours to walk down into, and a lung-bursting four hour slog back up. Worth every altitude-sick step I took back up in the heat.