Hmmm … Jagermeister? Vodka? Johnny?

All of ’em, all together, with a dash of fresh orange juice … cocktails all round. But watch that blender, it can get messy!

Left: On the airplane from London to Malaga. Coast del Sol, sunshine coast, here we come, needing a tan and all.
Left: Local market

Below: Martinis were a-flowing! The dance floor was dominated, and we lived it up, hola guappas!
Below: Sheeips and Rochez hit it off on the beach … easy boy!

And for those not in the know … the sun only bronzes exposed areas of skin.

June ’09

After being in the cold and wet UK for the past month, Spain was only too tempting. Rochez and I cycled a bit of the countryside, the Sierra de Grazalema. But before and after we soaked up the Mediterranean coast. The beach, the sun, the night-life … we painted Estepona red! Moi beuno, chickas!