Optimise your well-being for inner & outer fulfillment

We address physical & mental health balance, aiming for personal growth & transformation

A holistic approach to wellness & inner growth focuses on physical fitness & health, mental management of stress & emotions, as well as spiritual connectedness.

Personal development & wellness are key components of a well-rounded & content human being.

Whether you want to improve your fitness, calm your mind, manage your anxiety, develop a deep inner connection, or integrate healthier habits of sleeping, eating, or work-life balance, we can assist you to tune in! Experience has shown us the lifelong positive changes our clients have integrated into their lifestyles.

Tools for fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness & self-care:

Experience a greater sense of well-being:

For years we have guided clients in a supportive atmosphere, where we inspire growth, change & well-being through movement & stillness practices. We believe in integrating body, breath & mind for a holistic approach to health, wellness, personal development & transformation.

“Learn, experience & grow as an individual to better support yourself, your loved ones, your community & the environment.” – Fran Siebrits, Founder of Tuning In Wellness

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8-Day Cacao & Wellness Retreat in Bali

8-Day Cacao & Wellness Retreat in Bali

Bali, Indonesia
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Today's use of cacao as a superfood and in spiritual […]

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02 September 2022
10-Day Himalaya Pilgrimage in Nepal

10-Day Himalaya Pilgrimage in Nepal

Nepal, Himalaya Mountains Nepal
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YOGA-NATURE-SOUND-HIKE Immerse yourself in a 10-day Pilgrimage to the roof […]

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08 November 2022
10-Day Classical Yoga Retreat in India

10-Day Classical Yoga Retreat in India

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand India
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Immerse yourself for 10-day of Yoga living in an Ashram […]

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03 April 2023

PODCAST: Yoga in the Mountains with Fran Siebrits



Fran and her team have a way of helping you be more patient with yourself. To look within and grow yourself to your true potential without rushing. They are also supremely practical with their tips and advice, making “tuning in” to yourself easier.

Dr Hannah Baleta, Water Consultant, Senior Researcher

I was very nervous starting but when I met Fran I was so relaxed. She is gentle and kind, always there to help… It’s something to look forward to every week.

Elizabeth Maarman, Human Resources

Fran’s holistic approach to wellness combined with her personal connection with clients, passion and creative spirit make a particular kind of magic. I love the way she helps me think about wellness in a light and practical way, and her positive, kind and fun approach.

Natalie Koenig, Masters Student

Their experience and knowledge shine through and I love that Fran and her team can adapt their methods to suit clients’ abilities but at the same time pushing you to develop and grow.

Shari Thompson, Photographer

Fran and the team have built a REAL offering run by REAL people in a time when we could all do with a bit of extra wellness!

Raynard van Tonder, Medium Enterprise Business Manager

Fran has a deep understanding of the human body.

Jenny Howland, Private Sector